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Welcome to the wedding site!  Hopefully you’ve received your save the date and you can save the date.  Please continue to check this site for information about the wedding.


Wedding Music

If the music at our wedding is bad, it’s your fault.  Let us know what you’d like to hear.  And no – that is not our cat dressed up like a DJ.

Venue & Hotels

We’ve selected The Granite Rose for our venue.  If you plan to travel for the wedding please book a room at one of the hotels (Holiday Inn or La Quinta) soon.   Please see the FAQ for more information.

Our first date(s)

It’s well documented that Lisa chased Dave for quite some time before the two finally started dating. This has understandably led to some lack of clarity around their true first date. Lisa and Dave’s first dates include:

1. December 28 2006: What is this bubble tea thing?Bubble Tea

Lisa asked Dave to get bubble tea with him at Saint’s Alp Teahouse on 3rd and 10th St. In overhearing her ask countless other colleagues to join her in the past, Dave assumed nothing from the request. After experiencing the odd sensation of tapioca mixed with lots of sugar, the friendly meeting began to feel more like a date. Lisa offered to join Dave at the fabric store to pick out his costume for his New Year’s Eve party. After rummaging through spools of cloth, the two parted ways. Dave invited Lisa to the party (she still claims she wasn’t invited), but Lisa already had plans…

2. March 17 2007: St. Patrick’s Day 2007!!!


After being left at Dorians Bar by an unnamed co-worker (we’ll call him Mark Ionosci), Lisa met Dave and his roommate Jesse at their favorite neighborhood pub: The Bravest. After taking a few not so subtle hints, Jesse kindly allowed Lisa and I to hang out “alone” (ignoring the hundred drunk Irish firemen that surrounding us). A few drinks in, Dave allegedly told Lisa that he wanted to date her, only to finish the night by saying “let’s talk about this again in the morning.”


3. May 26 2007: Stay on this rock! The Rock

A lack of friends brought Dave and Lisa together on this Memorial Day weekend. After exchanging several text messages, Dave met Lisa at the Container Store on 5th Avenue. After impressing her with his ingenuity, the two headed to Central Park. They shared an Italian ice near Wollman Rink and wandered until they found a rock to rest near W. 79th St and East Drive. Lisa told Dave to stay by the rock while she found a bathroom. Dave decided to wander to the Boathouse. 20 minutes later Dave was on the phone with Lisa as she provided directions back to the rock (she should have know then). The two later had dinner at the Boat Basin on the Hudson River and the topic of “what’s next for us” came up. Two hours later, Lisa was sooooo mad that she took out her aggression at a dance social (she’s so violent).

4. June 3 2007: Night at the MoviesPopcorn Soda Dog

After a frustrating end to their prior date in Central Park, Lisa was “done” with Dave. When Dave called her the following Sunday to go to the movies she unwillingly joined “because she had nothing better to do.” After a romantic movie, Lisa and Dave had dinner at Vertigo Bar on 3rd and 26th St (2 blocks from their current apartment). While Lisa watched the Red Sox – Yankees game and talked about a German man name Hans she was interested in, Dave visited the bathroom about 10 times to ask the mirror what to do next. On his last trip, he came back to tell Lisa it was time they gave it a shot…

5. Too many nights to remember: Kate Kearney’sBeer Pong

In memory of the many PwC happy hours spent at the late Kate Kearney’s on 2nd Ave and 50th St.


Engagement Tour 2009

Dave spoke with his “brother” Gerard after shortly after the engagement.  Recently engaged himself, Gerard offered the following words of advice:

“Enjoy the Engagement Tour.  You’re going to go a lot of places and everyone is going to crowd around Lisa while she tells the story.  They’re going to look at her ring and scream a lot, while you stand in the corner by yourself and say ‘Hey everybody – remember me.?’.”

He was right.  Here are a few highlights from our Engagement Tour:

1Dinner at Jean Georges Restaurant

Jean Georges1Jean Georges2Jean Georges3

After the big question in Central Park and hours of calls, texts, and Blackberry messages, Lisa and Dave went to Jean Georges restaurant in the Trump Building off of Columbus Circle for dinner.  The meal was a great way to celebrate the engagement: the service was incredible and the 7 course tasting menu was extremely rich and unique.  Dave refused to eat the frog legs (above)…Lisa tried it all!  The waitress even gave us an extra dessert for the engagement.  We quickly found out how much free stuff people will give you when you say you were just engaged.

2Night in NYC


After dinner at Jean Georges we met up with a few local friends at Stone Creek Bar on Lexington and 27th St.  The bar manager reserved a nice spot for us in the front of the bar and even gave us a free bottle of champagne once he found out why we were celebrating.  Thanks to everyone who was able to make it to the event (even Ted – for his 3 minutes drop by).  We had a great time…

3Brunch with the Kolsteins

Kolstein Brunch1Kolstein Brunch2Kolstein Brunch3

We went to Long Island the next morning for Brunch with Dave’s family.  Leslie and Mike (Dave’s sister and brother in-law) hosted the brunch at their house.  Leslie gave us really nice champagne flutes, as did Dave’s mom who independently purchased them.  Two sets!!! Thanks to Leslie and Mike for hosting, Dave’s parents for the food, and everyone else for the gifts.

4Equinox Resort


To break up the Tour, Lisa and Dave spent two nights at the Equinox Resort in Manchester Village, Vermont.  The place was amazing and one of the more relaxing, yet active weekends we ever had.  Highlights of the trip include hiking to Robin’s Lookout, speed-outlet shopping (on bike), canoeing, and hanging at the fire pit with our new friends Patty and Tim (founders of giantsfanatics.com).  Thanks to Lisa’s brothers for the bottle of champagne. 

5Dinner with the Minichs


We stopped in Nashua on the way home from Vermont to show Lisa’s mom (dad and brother Steven) the ring and celebrate over dinner.  Lisa found out the final surprise of the weekend when she walked in the door of her parents.  Dave had given Lisa’s parents a painting of Lisa (above), that her friend Eric had done in college, the weekend that he asked for their blessing.  Long story on how he got it.  Lisa was pretty surprised, but appeared to still be more impressed by the ring (“it’s so shiny”).  Lisa’s parents also got us, independently, very nice champagne flutes for the wedding.   Now we have 3 sets to choose from! 

After stopping to check out two potentials spots for the wedding (we wasted no time), we grabbed a bite to eat in town.  Thanks to the Minichs taking us out to dinner and for the gift.

We’re engaged!

On July 17 2009, David asked Lisa to meet him at the Boathouse Restaurant in Central Park for a summer lunch.  The unsuspecting lunch was only the start of their big day. 



Please enjoy the video below of Lisa and David’s account of their engagement story.

We’ve selected July 24, 2010 as our wedding date.